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Why do we partner with consulting organisations?

i-nexus partners with leading strategy execution consultancies who work alongside our clients as they work towards their goal of maturing their strategy execution capability. Organisations who work with i-nexus are all at various stages on the Strategy Execution maturity continuum and often require the expertise provided by our trusted partners.

Engaging with our partners can take on many forms. From early stage leadership advice and training on continuous improvement or long-term strategy deployment, through designing and implementing a complete business system to tactical executive engagements to solve a specific strategic challenge.

i-nexus has as strong ethos of partnering only with proven strategy execution organisations, whether they be boutique, highly skilled consultancies or larger consultancies with a greater breadth of capability.

We partner with two types of consulting organisations:

Referral partners

Our referral partners are often boutique consultancies with either an industry specialisation or in-depth geography capability. Our referral partners enjoy a bi-lateral supporting relationship with i-nexus. They often personally introduce i-nexus and then work alongside their clients as they explore how i-nexus can digitalise their strategy execution requirements.

Strategic partners

i-nexus chooses to form long-term strategic alliances with a handful of proven, larger scale strategy execution consultancies who work with the world’s largest enterprises as we jointly mature the strategy execution capability for our clients. These relationships include co-marketing investments, joint client engagements and inclusion in many i-nexus projects, including product development.

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