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What is i-nexus?

Learn what makes i-nexus the better way
to deliver your goals

Introducing i-nexus

i-nexus strategy software helps you embrace the challenges of strategy execution and operational excellence, all inside a collaborative solution.

By unifying the worlds of strategy and operations, i-nexus becomes the place to achieve your goals.

With tools for strategy offices, transformation teams, PMOs, shopfloor users, and executive leaders, i-nexus enables success across the organization.

Let’s introduce you to i-nexus strategy software.

How does i-nexus help?

i-nexus provides the right tools to simplify the way you manage your strategic goals, keeping everything in perfect harmony as you go from strategy to action to results.


  • X-matrix planning
  • Goal setting and cascade
  • Scenario planning
  • Portfolio selection
  • Financial targets
  • Metric and KPI setting


  • Portfolio management
  • Project and program management
  • Templates and methodology management
  • Workflow management
  • Idea management
  • Learning and development management


  • Scorecards
  • KPI metric bowling charts
  • Metric journals
  • A3 root cause analysis and countermeasures
  • Impact and benefit analysis, and financial tracking
  • Automated strategic and operational reports

The place for executing strategic goals

i-nexus strategy software is the place for everything related to your strategic and operational goals.

That means you can integrate the technology that matters into i-nexus, cutting admin down to size.

Matching your needs

i-nexus strategy software gives you all you need to achieve more of your goals. Here’s what that means.


i-nexus helps you achieve your goals no matter your language, the currency you use, and where you are across the globe


i-nexus grows with you, whether one plan or covering the entire organization, we help you keep the dots of your goals connected


i-nexus goes where you go, so whether you want to update metrics, build your projects, or work on the x-matrix, i-nexus is there with you

Features to deliver

i-nexus contains all the features needed to deliver more of your goals with less effort


i-nexus keeps everything connected across the organization, with goals, projects, action plans, metrics and more in one place, ready for your teams to collaborate


i-nexus is shaped to you, from your templates and approval workflows, to customizable fields and integrating with your tech, i-nexus wraps around your ways of working


i-nexus roles mean you can present the right information to the right users and teams, while offering permissions to manage access and actions


Facilitate and track your teams’ work by automating standard processes, from initiative lifecycles to routine reviews and approvals


i-nexus users receive alerts and notifications to prompt updates on metrics, journals, and KPIs


i-nexus generates colorful and meaningful visualizations of your goals, projects, and performance, viewable inside i-nexus, a PDF, or your visualization tools

Mission-critical safety

Your mission-critical goals are safe inside i-nexus


Hosted in AWS, our secure private cloud gives you dedicated servers and databases, ensuring security, high-performance, and scalability


Rely on i-nexus thanks to data encryption, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), automated backups, US/UK hosting, and disaster recovery capabilities


We keep you secure with 99.9% uptime, ISO 27001 accreditation, GDPR compliance, and Single-Sign-On

Trusted by global organizations

The place to deliver your goals

Discover the better way to achieve your goals

Watch i-nexus in action with our on-demand demo or book your own today

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