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67% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution - Harvard Business Review


Our Hoshin Kanri software

Deliver your Hoshin plan, breakthroughs, and annual objectives all inside in-nexus, home to the only rotatable x-matrix

Make Hoshin easier

i-nexus transforms the way you approach Hoshin planning.

No broken spreadsheets. No searching for the right plan.
Your Hoshin Kanri business system replicated precisely how you need it.
Achieving your breakthrough goals is within touch.

Every goal and project feeds success. Automatically create your metric bowling chart. Account for every resource and owner. Every corner of your business connects to the i-nexus x-matrix.

Our Hoshin Kanri software is built to make your life easier.

hoshin x matrix planning

The only rotatable x-matrix

The small things matter with the Hoshin Kanri methodology. Unlike Excel sheets, the i-nexus x-matrix rotates, unlocking unmatched value.

Rotate your strategic plan to the level you’re interested in. Experience an unlimited version of x-matrix planning. Go beyond the surface and pinpoint the operational barriers between you and your strategic goals.

With i-nexus, there’s no printing copies or a need to master spreadsheets. All you need to succeed is here.


Focus your organization

Our x-matrix puts you in control of Hoshin planning. Implementing the catchball process and creating a plan everyone believes in has never been easier.

We help leaders spot where employees spend their time, balance resources by avoiding execution overlaps, and deliver a plan that’s in line with their processes.

Our Hoshin Kanri x matrix opens up a world of detail to ensure you can see what makes, or breaks, your plan.



Connectivity is at the core of our Hoshin Kanri toolset.

Build your x-matrix in i-nexus, and you’ll enjoy automatically generated KPI bowling charts based on your plans, and quickly build action plans for added accountability for project execution.

But it doesn’t stop there – you can use it for Lean management or continuous improvement. That’s right, you can build supporting projects, countermeasures, and metrics inside the x-matrix and bowling chart.

i-nexus is the place for the admin of the Hoshin approach to get cut down to size and your policy deployment to shine.

Tools made for Hoshin Kanri

i-nexus gives management teams and their teams everything needed to be successful with Hoshin.
From goal planning and project execution to performance tracking – inside is everything that policy deployment experts love.


The place to plan

Bring your strategic plan to life and leave emails, slides, and spreadsheets behind. Hoshin planning is about to get simpler.

Whatever the objectives, our Hoshin x matrix strategic planning tool has everything to manage your deployment.

i-nexus helps you build each part of your plan, connect them, and focus all activities against one true north to execute an error-free, robust strategy.

  • X-matrix planning

    Fuel your Hoshin planning process with our interactive x-matrix, taking you from true north to breakthrough results
  • Catchball goal setting

    Build, cascade, and agree on captivating, inspiring goals that your organization believes in
  • Build portfolios and projects

    Create a balanced portfolio of improvement priorities, attach strategic themes, and build projects to bring strategy to action
  • Planning cycles

    Use archive, current, and future state mode to call back to previous x-matrix plans, build your current direction on those insights, and plan for future scenarios, so that every plan is covered


Align everything to the plan

Take your plan to action with portfolio and project management that tightly aligns to your short- and long-term goals.

In i-nexus, you control the pace and quality of strategy deployment with best-practice templates and process workflows, powered by a suite of tools to drive home the way you want to work and keep everything focused on true north.

Whether delivering a project, leading the PMO, or providing your executive team with insights, you’ll drive buy-in of the plan, and build a stronger execution and achievement culture at every level your plan touches.

  • Portfolio execution

    Track real-time portfolio performance and get early visibility of risks and delivery challenges to your plan’s success
  • Program and project management

    Create and manage projects, from simple “just do it” projects to larger stage-gate projects and complex programs
  • Govern your execution

    Help your Hoshin deployment gain pace with best practice templates, techniques, and workflows to encourage the right steps are taken, by the right people, at the right time
  • Empower your team

    Manage your team’s growth and encourage improvement ideas you can execute in projects – all to reinforce shared ownership of achieving your goals


Know if the plan is working

Inside i-nexus, metrics and projects link, forming impactful key performance indicator bowling charts and scorecards to focus your team, all easily updated with data and journals, creating a crisp picture of performance.

With the ability to analyze root causes, implement countermeasure action plans, and use dashboards and automatic reports on financial targets and KPIs, you can keep everything on track, identify exceptions, and prove the impact and benefits of your plan.

Knowing if the strategy is going to plan is painless with i-nexus.

  • Automated KPI bowling chart

    Track your metrics and KPIs real-time, with an on-demand bowling chart, readily updated by your team or integrated apps
  • A3 root cause analysis and countermeasures

    Bring the plan back on track with exception reporting, tools to find and correct root causes, and A3 action plans and metric sheets
  • Clarity and engagement

    Drive accountability by showing your team how they support strategic goals, and keep them engaged with a view of the impact and benefits they’re creating
  • Link results to financial measures

    Keep track of financial targets across your organization, avoid double-counting, and ensure crystal clear reviews and assessments of results against variable forecast scenarios

More goals, less effort

i-nexus takes you from plan to action with its strategic portfolio management tools. Group projects and programs into strategic portfolios, and keep everyone and everything that matters tightly aligned to your goals.

Go beyond your patchwork of technologies for crystal clear visibility of projects, investments, and resources, ensuring business agility to adapt to tomorrow.

With i-nexus, you’ll prioritize and align your portfolios with tools that help you

Assess portfolios’ alignment and impact on your goals

Balance capacity, demand, and schedules

Digitalize your ways of working

Evaluate performance, funding, and people

Analyze delivery and dependencies

Portfolios managed in i-nexus include

  • Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial
  • Transformation
  • ESGs

The i-nexus difference

We wrap around you

i-nexus wraps around how you want to deliver your goals. Languages, locations, products, processes. Exactly how you want it. All inside one solution.

We support

We use two decades of experience in strategy execution, Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and project management to help you overcome challenges, spot gaps, and accelerate success.

We integrate

i-nexus is your single source of truth, connecting project management software, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems to give you a total view of what matters to deliver results.

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