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An overview of our strategy software

i-nexus simplifies how you achieve your goals with
solutions built to embrace the challenges of strategy
execution and operational excellence

Bring strategy to action

i-nexus strategy software connect the dots for your goals across strategy execution and operational excellence.

These worlds shouldn’t be separated with their work tucked away in folders and value hidden.

i-nexus is the answer to connecting it all.

No longer will strategic and operational portfolios, projects, and performance management be separated or invisible.

Inside i-nexus, everything is crystal clear.

The solution for your goals

Whether focusing on daily operations, seeking improvements to reach a state of excellence, pursuing transformational and strategic goals, or all three, i-nexus is the solution.

Strategy execution

Get everyone focused and collaborating on your strategy. Designed for strategy offices and transformation teams, you’ll have one direction, linked plans, portfolios, and performance metrics inside i-nexus, making for simple, effective strategy execution.

Operational excellence

Unlock repeatable value from operational activity. Built for PMOs and Lean, Six Sigma, and process professionals pursuing an excellence mindset, inside i-nexus you’ll execute your goals across portfolios, programs, and projects, exactly how you want.

What we support



Six Sigma

Project management

Process improvement

Your system

More goals, less effort

i-nexus takes you from plan to action with its strategic portfolio management tools. Group projects and programs into strategic portfolios, and keep everyone and everything that matters tightly aligned to your goals.

Go beyond your patchwork of technologies for crystal clear visibility of projects, investments and resources, ensuring a business agility to adapt to tomorrow.

With i-nexus, you’ll prioritize and align your portfolios with tools that help you

Assess portfolios’ alignment and impact on your goals

Balance capacity, demand, and schedules

Digitalize your ways of working

Evaluate performance, funding, and people

Analyze delivery and dependencies

Strategic portfolios you can manage in i-nexus include

  • Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial
  • Transformation
  • ESGs

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Discover the better way to achieve your goals

Download a copy of the key to strategy execution eBook, watch i-nexus in action with our on-demand webinar, or book your demo of i-nexus today