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What are the benefits of i-nexus?

Discover why i-nexus is the simpler way
to execute strategic goals and grow your business

Unify your strategy execution

i-nexus strategy software puts an end to the patchwork of tools and spreadsheets which hold you back.

Get everyone focused and collaborating on your goals, unlock repeatable value from operational work, and enjoy a simpler strategy execution experience.

Let’s show you why you need i-nexus.

The i-nexus difference

We wrap around you

i-nexus wraps around how you want to deliver your goals. Languages, locations, products, processes. Exactly how you want it. All inside one solution.

We support

We use two decades of experience in strategy execution, Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and project management to help you overcome challenges, spot gaps, and accelerate success.

We integrate

i-nexus is your single source of truth, connecting project management software, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems to give you a total view of what matters to deliver results.

Move away from using your patchwork of tools

With i-nexus, you don’t have to rely on a patchwork of technologies.

The fabric of your strategy execution and operational excellence is made of countless spreadsheets, lost emails, and plans & projects scattered across your organization.

Choose i-nexus, and it’ll become the place to align everything and everyone that matters into view for your single source of truth.

The benefits of i-nexus

Here’s why our customers say that i-nexus has changed their business for the better.

  • Alignment

    i-nexus provides a single source of truth for all your plans, goals, projects, and reporting. With everything in one view, you can confidently link everything to strategy and ensure that everyone and everything is contributing to achieving targets
  • Method

    With i-nexus, you can bring your business or operating system to life like the world’s most successful organizations. Ensuring all the tools you need are ready and available can create a sustainable, scalable strategy execution engine that drives success
  • Confidence

    i-nexus provides everything you need to communicate and create a belief in successful plan implementation. With increased confidence, you can close the gap between today and tomorrow, ensuring that your plans are seen through to success.
  • Engage

    i-nexus involves everyone from corporate to the shopfloor in strategy execution, creating enthusiasm and focus vital to achieving your goals. Because plans need buy-in to succeed, i-nexus helps ensure that everyone is engaged in the process
  • Admin

    i-nexus drastically reduces the time spent on admin tasks, such as collecting data, monitoring processes, and reporting on performance. With i-nexus, you can focus on executing your plans and achieving your goals without getting bogged down in administrative work
  • Learning

    Use i-nexus to scale your success and upskill your team. With access to templates, processes, workflows, and more, you can speed up onboarding and spread a culture of learning and winning throughout your business.
  • Deliver

    i-nexus helps you optimize strategic and operational work, identifying and rising above blockers that can hinder plan delivery. By achieving more goals with fewer resources and effort, you can maximize the value of your plans with i-nexus
  • Exception

    With i-nexus, you can proactively follow the “reds” of performance to prevent potential issues from jeopardizing success. Our visual management techniques encourage you to spend less time on reports and dashboards and more time addressing exceptions in your KPIs, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your goals
  • Decisions

    Struggling through data silos? One tiny change in a spreadsheet can cause chaos. Centralize your strategy execution data with i-nexus. Get accurate and real-time performance information that you can act on
  • Potential

    i-nexus unlocks your organization’s potential by creating focus and alignment. By establishing the right processes and best practices that everyone can follow and build upon, you can unleash the power of your people with i-nexus
  • Reaction

    Successful strategies require more than just planning – execution is critical. With i-nexus, you can stay on top of delivery issues, manage and plan for every risk and scenario, and have countermeasures and actions ready to deploy, ensuring you can confidently achieve your goals

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