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Only 40% of organizations use data to inform strategy

Tracking Capabilities

Strategic and operational tracking tools

i-nexus gives you the tools to measure, analyze,
and optimize your efforts for success

Track everything that matters

i-nexus strategy software tracks everything that matters, enabling invaluable insights for strategy execution and achieving operational excellence.

With portfolios of always-on activity in your organization, keeping track of performance is resource-intensive, but i-nexus transforms your performance management.

By using i-nexus to manage the performance of your strategic and operational work, you’ll be equipped with KPIs, metrics, and reports on-demand, ensuring you always know if everything is going to plan.

Let’s show you how.

The tools you need

With i-nexus, you’ll have what you need to track performance with ease

  • Track action

    Track real-time portfolio performance and get early visibility of risks and delivery challenges to your plan’s success
  • Control your delivery

    Bring the plan back on track by finding and correcting root causes with A3 action plans and metric sheets
  • Capture improvement ideas

    Encourage your teams to observe and identify improvements as part of their work, and track their suggestions to reinforce the value of their input
  • Keep everyone accountable

    Keep your team accountable and display their help in achieving your goals through real-time impact and benefit realization tracking
  • Demonstrate value

    Track expected financial targets across complex organizational structures, avoiding double counting, so that you can clearly review and assess against variable forecast scenarios

Track with ease

Whatever metric, goal, countermeasure, or team-focusing scorecards are needed, i-nexus makes it easy to enter data and build a crisp picture of performance.

With centralized data offering a 360 view of delivery and tools to reinforce collection and reporting, you’re always ready to adapt to your obstacles.

Always know the answers

With i-nexus, you’ll always know how every part of your plan is performing, and what you need to do to achieve your goals

Cut admin down to size

Link metrics and projects inside i-nexus, and automatically create colorful and meaningful bowling charts and scorecards to show trends, where to focus your efforts, and reclaim days lost to manual reporting

Data-driven decisions

Manage and optimize your delivery within i-nexus – ensuring you can make investment choices based on data and your prioritization scoring approach

Encourage the right behaviors

Encourage your team to update their metrics in one central location, add journal entries, and keep control of everything by running exception reports to encourage consistency

Prove impact and value

Accurately track and realize the financial and non-financial benefits of your portfolios and prove the impact of results

The benefits of i-nexus

With i-nexus supporting you, you’ll experience the better way to manage performance, and use KPIs to drive an achievement culture

Reduce reporting time

Take back the time lost to collating, consolidating, and presenting performance data, with automated reporting you’ll take into review sessions

Improve your performance

Use our metric capture and reporting tools to keep everything on track as you pursue your goals

Manage by exception

Improve your results by identifying and managing exceptions, ensuring that corrective steps are taken as soon as they’re needed

Enhance your decisions

Move beyond siloed data and enhance your decision-making process with accurate and real-time performance information

Be prepared for tomorrow

Fuel your planning processes with early warnings and real-time performance data, ready to inform how you adapt to your environment

Helping every part of the organization

No matter where you sit, i-nexus helps you achieve your goals


Experience absolute clarity of performance across strategic and operational work, realize benefits, prove financial impact, and build your culture of achievement


Orchestrate your plan, keeping mindful of delivery warning signs, resource shortage, adherence to best practices, all with the ability to adapt your plan without complexity


Keep your teams on track and aligned to the plan, drastically cut your reporting time, and simply be in control of delivery with dashboards, workflows, and more


Contribute strategic value through your work, help to drive efficiencies and eliminate waste, while developing your skills with templates and processes


Use i-nexus for a clear line of sight between strategic and operational work and financial benefits, underpinning forecasting and management reporting

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