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Customer services

Accelerate i-nexus implementation so that you see improvements in your strategy execution sooner

We know excellence

Our services team have two decades of experience in successfully deploying i-nexus. They understand exactly what is needed to simplify your strategy execution experience.

Building your solution

Our G2 award-winning team works closely with you throughout the deployment process and beyond so that your implementation is smooth and successful.

We start by translating your ways of working and goals into an i-nexus blueprint. We then shape i-nexus to your exact needs. From there, our services team guides you through the journey of integrating i-nexus into your organization.

We’ll become part of your team as you embark on a journey to simplified strategy execution.


Extend the capabilities and reach of your implementation team with our services team. Through coaching and training, we’ll keep your project on track and transfer the knowledge you need to ensure i-neuxs is the place for executing your goals.


i-nexus is your single source of truth, giving you a total view of what matters to achieving your goals. i-nexus connects Business Intelligence tools like Tableau® for enriched reporting and analytics to SAP® and other ERP systems holding key performance data.


Develop custom reports according to your organization’s standards, branding and process.


i-nexus users are supported with an extensive support portal, Account Managers, and WalkMe, our digital walkthrough tool, meaning that you have all the guidance needed to achieve more of your goals, with less effort inside i-nexus.

Discover why global organizations rely on i-nexus for a better way to achieve their goals

Read our G2 reviews, download a copy of our key to strategy execution eBook, or watch i-nexus in action with our on-demand demo today.