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i-nexus strategy execution and
strategic planning software

Achieve your strategic goals

Your undisputed view of strategy execution

Deliver more growth, efficiency, and profitability, with less effort

Take back the time you need

i-nexus gives leaders and teams the time and resources needed to deliver results.

Connect strategy to projects

Connect strategic plans, projects, and reporting and you’ll see everyone and everything that matters..

“i-nexus replaced our spreadsheet patchwork with a single solution that automated our process. Automating our manually-intensive process has led to productivity gains and the ability for the team to think strategically.”

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Mahesh Shankar, Director, Strategy, Wabtec Corporation

Digitalize your strategy to execution journey

Whether using Hoshin Kanri, executing strategy with your business system, or running operational excellence, i-nexus gives leaders and teams all they need to deliver results.

Hoshin Kanri

i-nexus transforms the way you approach Hoshin planning. No broken spreadsheets. No time wasted on PowerPoints. Your Hoshin Kanri business system replicated precisely how you need it.

Achieving your breakthrough goals is within touch.

Strategy execution

Get everyone focused and collaborating on your strategy with one direction, linked plans, portfolios, and performance metrics inside i-nexus, making for simple, effective strategy execution.

It’s time to achieve more of your strategic initiatives.

Operational excellence

Unlock repeatable value from operational activity. Run Lean, Six Sigma, Process, Risk and all your business excellence efforts inside i-nexus, digitalizing your operating system exactly how it was built.

Boost your journey toward operational excellence today.

Achieve more of your goals with i-nexus

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Trusted by global organizations

The place to deliver your goals

We’re helping leaders to address


i-nexus helps you align everyone and everything that matters to your goals, so wherever they sit, they’ll focus on doing more of the right things


i-nexus cuts the complexities of planning, executing, and tracking goals of all kinds, giving you one source of truth


i-nexus simplifies delivery challenges, helping everyone to follow processes and ultimately be more effective at strategy execution

One location for all your tools

i-nexus takes you out of spreadsheets, slides, emails, folders, and countless project management solutions. In its place are tools that offer a canvas for planning, executing, and tracking what’s driving your goals.


Wherever you sit in your organization, our x-matrix, balanced scorecard, and portfolio tools support well-balanced, transparent plans.

With i-nexus, you’ll confidently plan and deploy goals across your entire organization, and connect them back to strategy.

  • X-matrix planning
  • Goal setting and cascade
  • Scenario planning
  • Portfolio selection
  • Financial targets
  • Metric and KPI setting


Whether controlling the portfolio, or contributing to a project, i-nexus gives you vast tools to align everyone to plans, ward off non-strategic disruptions, and build a stronger execution culture.

Inside i-nexus, you’ll execute your plans exactly the way you want.

  • Portfolio management
  • Project and program management
  • Templates and methodology management
  • Workflow management
  • Idea management
  • Learning and development management


Whatever metric, goal, countermeasure, or team-focusing scorecards are needed, i-nexus makes it easy to enter data and build a crisp picture of performance, so you’re always ready to change direction.

With i-nexus, you’ll always know if things are going to plan, and have the tools to adapt at pace.

  • Scorecards
  • KPI metric bowling charts
  • Metric journals
  • A3 root cause analysis and countermeasures
  • Impact and benefit analysis, and financial tracking
  • Automated strategic and operational reports

The i-nexus difference

We wrap around you

i-nexus wraps around how you want to deliver your goals. Languages, locations, products, processes. Exactly how you want it. All inside one solution.

We support

We use two decades of experience in strategy execution, Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and project management to help you overcome challenges, spot gaps, and accelerate success.

We integrate

i-nexus is your single source of truth, connecting project management software, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems to give you a total view of what matters to deliver results.

More goals, less effort

i-nexus takes you from plan to action with its strategic portfolio management tools. Group projects and programs into strategic portfolios, and keep everyone and everything that matters tightly aligned to your goals.

Go beyond your patchwork of technologies for crystal clear visibility of projects, investments and resources, ensuring a business agility to adapt to tomorrow.

With i-nexus, you’ll prioritize and align your portfolios with tools that help you

Assess portfolios’ alignment and impact on your goals

Balance capacity, demand, and schedules

Digitalize your ways of working

Evaluate performance, funding, and people

Analyze delivery and dependencies

Strategic portfolios you can manage in i-nexus include

  • Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial
  • Transformation
  • ESGs

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