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2/3 of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution - Gartner

Execution Capabilities

Strategy execution tools

i-nexus gives you the tools to deliver on your portfolios, control processes, and build a stronger execution culture

Control your delivery

i-nexus strategy software puts you in control of executing goals.

While using multiple tools to deliver projects, manage portfolios, and keep processes in line only complicates work, i-nexus is the opposite.

Using i-nexus to manage portfolios, standardize templates and processes, and centralize everything crucial to achieving your goals, you’ll be in control of delivering your plans, always ready to overcome risks and challenges.

Let’s show you how.

The tools you need

With i-nexus, you’ll execute your plans exactly the way you want

  • Execute your portfolio

    Track real-time portfolio performance and get early visibility of risks and delivery challenges to your plan’s success
  • Create programs and projects

    Create and manage projects, from simple “just do it” efforts to larger stage-gate projects and complex programs
  • Use your templates, methodology, and workflows

    Align your team to your ways of working with best practice templates, techniques, kanban boards, and workflows which encourage the right steps to be taken, by the right people, at the right time, exactly how you need it
  • Promote learning and ideas

    Empower your team to grow their skills, create more improvements, and live an execution mindset throughout the organization

Align to succeed

Whether controlling the portfolio or contributing to a project, i-nexus gives you the tools to align everyone to the plan, ward off non-strategic disruptions, and build a stronger achievement culture.

With i-nexus, you’ll support your teams to follow your processes, contribute improvements, and create alignment and collaboration for success.

From plan
to action

i-nexus helps you go from plan to action with portfolio, program, and project management tools, designed to keep execution tightly aligned to your goals

Control your execution

Take control of delivery with templates, kanban boards, and process workflows, driving home how you want to work, with operations
supporting your goals

Clarity and engagement

Provide stakeholders with a clear view of the plan and how their portfolios are supporting its execution

Empower your team

Manage your team’s growth and encourage improvement ideas you can execute in projects – all to reinforce shared ownership of achieving your goals

The benefits of i-nexus

With i-nexus supporting you, you’ll be in control of everything core to delivering your goals.

React with pace

Use portfolio and delivery data to identify early issues, manage risks, and keep your portfolio in a place to react and adapt as your organization requires

Optimize delivery

Get everyone contributing to success, optimizing operational and strategic work to deliver results tightly aligned to your goals with fewer resources and efforts wasted

Operationalize your methodology

Watch your ways of working come to life and deliver the results they’re built for, cutting down delivery times and missed targets

Build a learning culture

Scalable success will drive your learning organization, leading to investment and increased team skills, helping to spread a learning, winning culture

Helping every part of the organization

No matter where you sit, i-nexus helps you achieve your goals


Experience absolute clarity of performance across strategic and operational work, realize benefits, prove financial impact, and build your culture of achievement


Orchestrate your plan, keeping mindful of delivery warning signs, resource shortage, adherence to best practices, all with the ability to adapt your plan without complexity


Keep your teams on track and aligned to the plan, drastically cut your reporting time, and simply be in control of delivery with dashboards, workflows, and more


Contribute strategic value through your work, help to drive efficiencies and eliminate waste, while developing your skills with templates and processes


Use i-nexus for a clear line of sight between strategic and operational work and financial benefits, underpinning forecasting and management reporting

Trusted by global organizations

The place to deliver your goals

Discover the better way to execute your goals

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