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Purchasing software means finding the right fit for your needs, the right level of support, and knowing that the team behind it all can help you eliminate the right pains of your job.

Here you can find everything you need to know about i-nexus strategy software, from watching our on-demand demo to booking onto our plan to practice trial to help you get up to speed with your plans.

Book a demo

Book a 30/60 minute demo to see how i-nexus helps align everyone and everything to your plans, from strategy to operations to transformation and more, discover how to achieve your goals with less effort.

Demo on-demand

Get an end-to-end preview of what i-nexus can do for you, on-demand. From a system run through, to the x-matrix, and our KPI bowling chart functionality, you’ll see what’s powering your goals.

Demo on demand

Watch this 20-minute on-demand preview of i-nexus today to see the software in action as we go through the challenges, solutions, and benefits of using i-nexus to plan, execute, and track your goals.

Digitalizing x-matrix

Discover why converting your x-matrix Excel spreadsheet into i-nexus will enable you to achieve more of your goals with less effort thanks to a fully transparent, organization wide x-matrix planning system.

Automating bowling charts

See why the i-nexus bowling chart takes back lost time to manual reporting, how you can build your own with ease, and ensure you always know if your goals are going to plan.

Trial i-nexus

How can you develop strategic plan which continuously evolves? Is there a better way to align your team and work to your goals? Tap into two decades of strategy execution knowledge with a four-week guided trial of i-nexus.

Buy vs DIY

Should you build your own strategy software? What does it involve? Read a copy of this eBook to get the knowledge needed to enter a conversation with senior leaders about weighing the investment of buying strategy software vs. building your own.

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