Digitalize your Hoshin Kanri deployment

Hoshin Kanri is at the heart of the strategy execution systems of the world’s best-performing organizations. Organizations that adopt Hoshin Kanri consistently outperform their peers. Also known as Hoshin Planning, Policy Deployment, Goal Deployment and Priority Deployment, Hoshin Kanri helps organizations to consistently achieve their strategic goals and measure results.

i-nexus is the industry’s leading Hoshin Kanri solution, taking the heavy lifting out of Hoshin Kanri and helping global leaders to implement, scale and sustain their Hoshin Kanri process. Whatever the stage of your Hoshin journey, i-nexus has a tailor-made solution for you.

With i-nexus’ Hoshin Kanri software, you can digitalize the planning, execution and tracking of your deployment.

50% increase in execution outcomes achieved

30% reduction in non-value added activities

Increased confidence in the plan

Greater ownership and faster course correction

Where are you on your Hoshin journey?

Whether you are evaluating Hoshin or have been implementing Hoshin for a number of years and want to take it to the next level, i-nexus – with the support of our trusted partners – can help you achieve more, faster, with less effort at every stage of your journey.

Use the characteristics to identify your phase then review the challenges organizations typically face


  • Early experiments to prove value, test and refine Hoshin process
  • Management is still at the stage of becoming familiar with the tool and process
  • Culture still in transition: beliefs not widely embedded


  • Multiple cycles of learning
  • Wider/deeper deployment of Hoshin plan
  • Managers familiar, competent and confident with tools/process
  • Increasing focus on daily management foundation
  • Widespread belief in value of process


  • Hoshin seen as part of a wider strategy execution system
  • Leaders competent and confident to teach and coach Hoshin process
  • Underlying beliefs embedded into culture
  • Hoshin Integrated with finance (budget) and HR (capability) planning


  • Improving alignment of initiatives with strategic priorities
  • Building familiarity and confidence in the process
  • Building recognition and belief in the value of the process
  • Establishing the internal capability to facilitate and repeat the process


  • Scaling process adoption without increasing complexity or the overhead of running it
  • Improving process quality – increased focus and clarity, and better problem solving
  • Establishing a foundation of daily management that enables breakthroughs to be sustained


  • Establishing the internal capability to train and coach leaders to apply the process
  • Integrating Hoshin with the financial and HR planning processes
  • Assembling the preferred planning and execution tools (e.g. lean, growth, Agile and project/program management) into a coherent system that can be taught, shared and consistently applied

i-nexus Hoshin Kanri packages

Select the package that best fits where you are on your Hoshin journey

Initial Deployment Package

Get a fast start with Hoshin

Scale & Sustain Package

Drive sustainable collaboration and adoption

Integrated System Package

Embed Hoshin fully across the enterprise

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