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Take control of your initiatives

As your organization sets out to successfully execute its strategy, having complete control and management of the project portfolio mix is crucial.

Balancing strategic projects and improvement initiatives can lead to competition over resources and prioritization, with short term improvements distracting businesses from long-term, transformational programs which do not typically bear immediate results.

With i-nexus, your organization has full visibility and tracking of all initiatives, from ideation through to execution, and the standardization of templates, as well as management of training your team in delivering change, all in one system.

Businesses choose i-nexus' project portfolio management software to successfully manage their strategic efforts, ensuring that leaders are in control of their program, portfolio and project execution at all times.

The challenge

With many initiatives running, natural conflict arises over prioritization, bringing into focus the importance of managing your project portfolio in one location.


of projects are completed within time and against the defined budget

Standish Group


of organizations understand the value and ROI of project management



of project managers ask executives to prioritize their portoflio

Information Week


of project managers don't know how their projects align to strategy

University of Ottawa

The digital solution

i-nexus’ project portfolio management software digitalizes PPM, balancing your project mix to enable the greatest ROI from your efforts.

With i-nexus you can capture and cascade clear goals at all levels of your organization, encouraging two-way dialog and feedback with your teams to drive engagement.

You can then use this insight to build a clear picture of the right projects needed to deliver the goals and the key performance indicators that will measure your results.

With i-nexus, you achieve strategic alignment of projects, focusing resources where they’re needed the most and ensuring clarity of direction and purpose.

Portfolio execution

Track real-time portfolio performance and get early visibility of risks and delivery challenges.

Manage your portfolio and track performance and results
Manage your projects, risks and use of resources

Program and project management

Create and manage projects, from simple 'just do it' projects to larger stage-gate projects and complex programs.

Idea management

Identify winning ideas by soliciting, capturing, evaluating and prioritizing employee ideas.

Manage and track idea management in your teams
Measure and track performance of your projects using operational scorecards

Governance and compliance

Promote and enforce best-practice methodologies and techniques using project templates and workflows.

Learning and capability management

Manage training programs and certifications that upskill your change delivery teams.

Manage your training programs and certifications that upskill your CI team

The benefits

Using i-nexus’ project portfolio management capabilities, your organization can centralize the planning, execution and optimization of strategic projects and programs, giving the real-time tracking and comprehensive reporting suite you need to analyze and optimize performance and drive the results your strategy needs.

Our customers typically enjoy these benefits:

1. Respond faster

Respond faster and keep the project portfolio on track when project performance risks appear.

2. Optimized execution

Optimum results and strategic alignment through a balancing of 'top down' strategic projects with 'bottom up' improvement initiatives.

3. Project standardization

Standardization in project delivery by enabling project re-use.

4. Learning culture

The establishment of a learning organization, with portfolio execution success driving investment in training to upskill the workforce.

Manage your project portfolio inside i-nexus

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform covers three areas of strategy execution and is managed by i-nexus Workbench, the core of the platform.

i-nexus customers can access all three elements of the i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform, creating the comprehensive system you need to deliver superior performance from your strategic plan.

i-nexus Pulse

Update metrics and projects on-the-go

i-nexus Pulse enables team members to easily enter metrics and project updates, ensuring effective data collection for achieving your goals.


Take control of your Strategy Execution

i-nexus Workbench is used to synchronize & plan strategies and goals, metrics and targets, portfolios and projects, and key performance indicators.

i-nexus Advisor

Use intuitive, data rich insights

i-nexus Advisor ensures that executives have insight into their strategy’s robustness, project portfolio execution and realized results.

See how i-nexus will help your business achieve its goals

Supporting your choice of portfolio, program and project management techniques and tools

Whatever the tools and techniques for executing your portfolios, programs and projects, i-nexus digitalizes these to ensure centralization and standardization of best-practice.

i-nexus digitalizes tools, methodologies and techniques such as:

Just do it projects

Simple 'Just Do It' Projects

agile projects

Light-touch/Agile Projects

Stage gate project management

Medium-touch/Stage-Gate® Projects

Multi workstream projects

Full-touch/Multi-Workstream Programs

Gantt chart management project software

Gantt Charts

Change control management for projects

Change Controls

Work breakdown schedule management

Work Breakdown Schedule

Project charter creation

Project Charters

RAID Log management


Effectively manage your programs throughout your organization

i-nexus’ project portfolio management software is for organizations seeking a more robust approach to program and project management, delivering the capabilities needed to align strategic goals and resource to maximize value, supporting these users:


Program Management Office


Business Unit Leaders


Program Managers


Project Managers


Team Members

Thyssenkrupp operational excellence and execution case study

Using i-nexus to support operational excellence

Read how Thyssenkrupp used i-nexus' platform to build operational excellence and improve its execution capabilities.


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