Transform your business performance

Transform your business performance by using a Hoshin x-matrix view

Breakthrough results come from effective strategy deployment

Achieving transformation requires a breakthrough of your current performance and at the heart of success is the rigorous execution of your strategic plans.

Organizations who empower their management team to balance delivery transformation alongside their run and improve remits and adopt a clear methodology to deploy their strategy are those who consistently achieve their goals.

Effectively applying tools to manage the full cycle of goal deployment, from planning through measuring and improving, results in superior business performance.

Whatever the nature and stage of your transformation journey, i-nexus’ strategy software is the digital solution to successfully deploying and executing strategy, ensuring your business can deliver a step change in performance and achieve incremental benefits year on year.

i-nexus enhances your strategy deployment

More strategic goals achieved


More strategic goals achieved via rapid course correction when challenges arise

Reduction in non value adding activity


Reduction in non value-added activities by aligning resources with priority strategic goals

Increase in financial contribution from improvement projects


Increase in measurable relative financial contribution across a complex organization

The challenge

The scale of the challenge facing your business is ever-growing.

From disruptive market models to new products which change the landscape of the industry, all too often strategy deployments fail, with people, processes and technology at the centre of poor management and execution.


of executives view alignment to strategy as the greatest threat to their strategy deployment



of executives acknowledge their organization's inability to bridge strategy and implementation



of change programs fail to achieve their strategic goals and deliver expected benefits



of leaders spend less than an hour each month planning, executing and tracking strategy

Kaplan & Norton

Identifying your challenges

The below are typical challenges identified at various stages of Strategy Execution maturity. Use these to review how to develop your capabilities.

  • Cascading accountability rather than communicating top level goals
  • Strategic goals that challenge the current normal are seen as ‘somebody else’s job’
  • Overly difficult protecting strategic progress from operational and external disruption
  • Inability to link initiative progress to business outcomes
  • Wasting capacity in the PMO engine required to understand what is happening and convert this into meaningful reporting
  • Poor understanding of when and how to rapidly change direction

Moving through your Strategy Execution maturity


Goals communicated with some specific targets within the organization, but no consideration of how they will be achieved

Scale & sustain

Goals are defined at each level of the organization with specific KPI targets in place

Integrated system

Leaders and management know what goals they are accountable for, their targets and the portfolio of improvement required to deliver


If there is a shift in the strategy, a replan of the portfolio of goals and initiatives is impossible

Scale & sustain

The PMO can evaluate and replan the portfolio, but there is a lag to transition between the old and new plan

Integrated system

Your portfolio can be managed whilst replanning based on alternate scenarios or next year’s targets


Projects can be linked to high level goals but ambiguity in definition leads to prioritization challenges

Scale & sustain

Prioritization criteria are clearly defined and projects can be reviewed against this

Integrated system

Prioritization of the portfolio is continuous and based on new insights and external events


Transformation initiatives exist but unclear how they will be delivered against an industry best practice approach

Scale & sustain

Initiatives are set up with clear end to end plans managing complexity such as spend, benefits and resource

Integrated system

Initiatives are established as a portfolio where interrelationships are understood in the portfolio and day to day business


Initiatives are aligned to a summary business case expectation.

Any form of reforecasting of results is subject to intense manual activity within a PMO or finance.

Scale & sustain

Initiative delivery is tracked against KPIs and expected targets.

Scenarios are planned based on progress expectations and relative impact to KPIs and this can be estimated subject to a large degree of manual effort and estimation.

Integrated system

All initiatives are explicitly linked to KPI targets or business case expectations.

Different versions of the plan exist in parallel as scenarios and impact assessments are automated.


Initiative progress is understood against high level milestones on a monthly cycle

Scale & sustain

Weekly tracking drives risk management and issue resolution, but limited visibility of how improvement contributes (or competes with) these

Integrated system

A single view of all top down and bottom up improvement reporting enables weekly performance management and monthly oversight

The digital solution

i-nexus strategy software provides the platform to successfully execute your strategy and deliver on your transformation goals.

No matter the strategic planning methodology your organization uses, with i-nexus you can house your goal deployment, portfolio management and benefit tracking in one digital solution to deliver breakthrough performance.

Goal deployment

Define clear, measurable breakthrough and annual goals that are readily cascaded across and down throughout your organization.

Deploy your strategy and its goals in one platform
Manage the execution of your project portfolio

Portfolio management

Identify and execute a balanced, optimized project portfolio that aligns with and delivers on your strategic goals.

Benefits tracking

Drive accountability and validate progress toward realizing your strategic goals through real-time impact and benefit realization tracking.

Financial analysis and Benefits tracking

Supporting your strategic planning methodology

As the blueprint to defining and executing your strategy, i-nexus strategy software has been built to allow you to translate your strategic methodology and associated tools and techniques into one platform.

i-nexus digitalizes strategic frameworks such as:

Management By Objectives Strategy Software

Management By Objectives

4DX Strategy Software

4 Disciplines of Execution

BSC Strategy Software

Balanced Scorecards

OGSM Strategy Software

Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures

OKR Strategy Software

Objectives and Key Results

Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment Strategy Software

Hoshin Kanri / Policy Deployment

i-nexus supports the visualization and execution of all methodologies, and digitalizes tools such as the X-Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, Bowling Chart, Kanban and more.

The benefits

Successfully executing your strategy is vital for your organization, and for business transformation this is imperative.

Effectively implementing your strategy provides a significant competitive advantage when we consider the persistent strategy and execution air gap.
i-nexus users typically enjoy these benefits:

1. Goal alignment

Aligned short-term annual goals to multi-year breakthrough objectives.

2. Increased employee confidence

Employee confidence in defined goals, objectives and the ability to execute these.

3. Clarity of performance

Leadership visibility of business performance.

4. Realized benefits

Clear impact tracking and benefit realization.

Delivering transformation across your organization

i-nexus’ strategy deployment and execution capabilities have been developed for organizations who are set to undertake a step change in their performance, typically supporting these users:


Strategy Leaders


Strategy Realization Office


Business Unit Leaders


Program Managers


Project Managers


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